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Hello, Friend! I’m Morgan Reece, author, homeschool mom, and unexpected advocate for creatives on Etsy and Merch By Amazon. So glad you stopped by! I value your time, so here’s a quick intro to what you’ll find on this site:

Letter of Protest Training

This site is my passion project, focused on ending frivolous trademarks in the print-on-demand industry. For most of 2018, I worked diligently (with many others) to learn the USPTO Letter of Protest system. It’s a free tool to fight frivolous trademarks. 

Frivolous trademarks affect people I care about, cost thousands or even millions of dollars in lost income and legal fees, and stifle legitimate competition in the marketplace. So when my eyes were opened to the ramifications of this problem, I did what any OCD mama would do. I dove in deep. 

Along the way, I learned about more than just the Letter of Protest system. I learned there are many IP, legal, and techie (website) mistakes that new business owners are likely to make. I’ll share most of those here. (Stuff that’s not directly related to trademarks will probably end up on my personal blog at If you like nerding out on website design and automating systems for more sales, join the Joy Club or hang with me on my Facebook business page.)

I want to teach other newbies like me what I’ve learned about trademarks so they can choose a brand name for keeps, avoid wasting gobs of money filing applications that will be refused, and set systems in place to protect their brand(s) and creative content. 

That’s why I’m putting my Letter of Protest training and resources on this site, so they will be freely available to all. No opt-in required.

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Morgan Reece